What is ESTA?


The acronym ESTA is short for "Electronic system for travel authorization" and has become one of the most widespread and beloved of all travel systems for people in the U.K. that want to venture abroad. Traveling overseas can be a real hassle for folks and that's why these types of electronic systems are so popular. They simplify the application process, make it more easy to understand, and have you on your way before you know it.


Rules and regulations

The Visa Waiver program is the facet of travel authorization that ESTA handles. This applies to travelers who wish to go to the United States and stay no longer than 90 days. If you're a short-term traveler who doesn't need to have an extended stay, a travel authorization system is the single best way to accomplish your goals and take care of your business right away.

Reasons for travel

There are a host of reasons for short-term travel. You might have an important business trip in the United States or you might want to visit relatives in the United States. Sometimes you just want to take an extended vacation and need a way to get your travel papers together quick. ESTA is there to meet all of these needs and help you enjoy your trip abroad worry free, knowing that you'll have all of your waivers ready to go when the time comes to step out the door.

ESTA is available in many country and they keep an ever-growing list of the countries that allow for this method of travel authorization. Once you find out your country accepts the esta system of authorization, all you need to do is go by their helpful checklist of things you'll need to do to get started with your waiver procedure.